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Cleansing Tools & Disinfectant Applicators for Rat and Mouse Infestations

In this section of the PestFix shop you will find everything you need for clearing and sanitising rodent infestations including cleaning tools and application equipment for applying disinfectants. Ensure that you are adequately protected from both the potential for disease transfer and also the risks associated with handling and applying disinfectants by visiting our Personal Protective Equipment section.

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Metal Scraper

From 2.95 Each

Wire Brush

From 2.04 Each

Metal Shovel

From 3.86 Each

Soft Brush

From 1.91 Each

Heavy Gauge Polythene Waste Sack - Pack of 10

From 6.00 Each

Cable Ties 200mm

From 61p 10 Pack

Mini Grabber

From 8.66 Each

Gloria 89 1 Litre Compression Sprayer

From 52.99 Each

Gloria Air Star Stratos 5 Litre Compression Sprayer - Plastic - Viton

From 85.88 Each

Gloria 405T and 505T Steel and Stainless Steel Compression Sprayers

From 214.60 Each

Gloria 410T and 510T Steel and Stainless Steel Compression Sprayers

From 242.16 Each

Birchmeier Spray-Matic 5 P 5 Litre Compression Sprayer - Plastic - Viton

From 127.39 Each

Birchmeier Spray-Matic 5 S 5 Litre Compression Sprayer - Stainless - Viton

From 316.21 Each

Birchmeier Knapsack Sprayers

From 187.18 Each

Expanding Foam Applicator Guns

From 29.12 Each

Expanding Foam Applicator Gun Cleaner

From 7.27 500ml

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